Trend Kosher


Kosher food that conform to Jewish dietary law are increasing in prevalence worldwide, according to Innova Market Insights new product launch data. New products with a kosher claim increased by 38 % in 2013 from 2012, and further increased by 21 % in 2014 from 2013. This indicates that food manufacturers are recognizing the significant market potential that kosher certification can offer.

There is considerable variation among regions for availability of kosher products. North America was responsible for a 62 % share of all kosher product launches tracked in 2014, followed by the Middle East (9 %) and Asia (9 %). The leading global market sub-categories in 2014 for kosher claims were chocolate (7.1 %), followed by sweet biscuits/cookies (5.4 %) and savoury/salty snacks (4.7 %). The growth of new products with kosher claims should accelerate in regions in which there is most demand for kosher product convenience.


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