Trend Vegetarian


The ongoing concern for future sustainability of the global food chain and ingredient source transparency is having far-reaching consequences for food manufacturers and consumers alike. One area of new product development to benefit from a continued focus on sustainability and health in general is vegetarian foods. Innova Market Insights revealed a 22 % increase in global product launches tracked with a vegetarian positioning from (2014 vs. 2013).

Vegetables are increasingly shifting to the centre of the plate, with world-renowned chefs showcasing vegetables on their menus, exposing their versatility and unique flavours and textures. One vegetable on the rise is cauliflower, with a 22 % increase reported in global product launch activity tracked containing cauliflower (2014 vs. 2013). This renewed interest in vegetables should inspire and further drive innovation by food manufacturers in producing more exciting and tasty meat substitutes, vegetarian ready meals and meal kits for example.


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