Welcome to THAIFEX – World of Food Asia VIP Service

THAIFEX – World of Food Asia offers an exclusive Buyer Program for the most qualified retailers, importers, wholesalers, foodservice businesses, and hoteliers in the Food & Beverage industry. The program is designed to optimize your time for maximum productivity through meaningful and enjoyable interactions. Depending on the purchasing criteria, buyers will be offered the THAIFEX Guest Badge or the Fully Hosted Buyer Package*. Buyers selected for the Fully Hosted Buyer Package will be notified by email.

*Fully Hosted Buyer Package includes complimentary return flight (economy), airport transfers, and accommodation.

As an exclusive VIP, you are entitled to:

Express badge pick-up at THAIFEX Guest Club
Exclusive access to THAIFEX Guest Club
F & B
Complimentary concierge service
WIFI access
Complimentary usage of work station
Complimentary massage